The Joyful Frugalista

20: Joanne Holbrook talks about imperfect parenting, living in different cultures and shares an illuminating frugalista tip

May 24, 2020

Joanne Holbrook and her family have had eight postings and are about to go on their ninth.  Born in South Africa, she is married to a US army officer and, together with their two children, they have lived in five countries.  In her book, Your Passport to Parenting, Joanne shares some of the lessons she has learnt from raising their children in different cultures.  In this podcast, Serina chats with Joanne about how she met her husband, how not to raise an 'asshole', how her family survived with limited 'stuff', and her illuminating tip for saving energy in the house.  (Note: It's a unique one, which I think I might do at home.)

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