The Joyful Frugalista

13. The voiceover guy (aka Lord Joe) talks about himself - oh and tartans, archery and how to ask for a better deal

April 13, 2020

Did you ever wonder about the story behind the man who is the voiceover guy on The Joyful Frugalista?  Or why he insists on being called Lord?  Well, I did wonder about the Lord bit so I asked him (spoiler: I'm not yet convinced). But what I am sure of is that he holds a Guinness World Record in archery, he is the Canberra - and Queanbeyan - Town Crier, and he was MC at our wedding reception. If you're sick of doom and gloom news and reporting, pour yourself a glass of wine (or coffee, or tea, or even water) and enjoy this podcast.

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